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MINTREX® Zn enhances immunity and structural integrity.

MINTREX® Zn chelated trace mineral is a fully-defined structure that delivers 17.5 percent zinc as zinc methionine hydroxy analogue chelate, with methionine value. MINTREX Zn is a highly bioavailable source of zinc protected by HMTBa, the active ingredient in ALIMET® feed supplement.

Importance of Zinc

Zinc is important in protein production; it is connected with more than 400 enzymes required for young and mature animals. It plays roles in immune development and response, cell division, hoof and bone health, metabolism and hormone production.

Signs of deficiency include reduced feed intake and weight gain, rough hair coat and higher incidence of disease.Because zinc has low natural bioavailability and absorption in the animal, it must be supplemented. Supplying animals with an effective source of zinc is key to optimized animal health.

Value of MINTREX Zn

  • Greater absorption and bioavailability than inorganic and other organic trace mineral solutions
  • Reduced inclusion rates result in similar or improved performance including body weight gain, feed conversion ratio and livability
  • Improved stability in the relatively low pH of the upper GI tract
  • Helps reduce losses due to antagonistic interactions
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    Greater Bioavailability

    Many trials have demonstrated that the higher bioavailability of MINTREX Zn allows producers to meet the nutritional requirement of the animal with reduced levels of inclusion. Metallothionein (MT) is a well-accepted biomarker for zinc bioavailability. The following experiment measured the MT expression in the small intestine of broilers when fed different zinc sources. Data shows that MINTREX Zn is the most bioavailable trace mineral (Figure 1).


    Improved HeathZinc plays a significant role in immune system development and response. Animals fed MINTREX Zn show a more robust production of antibodies when challenged with a commercial coccidiosis vaccine than other sources of zinc (Figure 2).

    Better bioavailability with MINTREX trace minerals can also result in structural benefits. A trial with broilers compared inorganic trace minerals at higher levels vs. MINTREX chelated trace minerals at lower levels. The birds supplemented with MINTREX showed significant improvements in structural integrity of tissue, as measured by reduced footpad lesions relative to the control (Figure 3). Footpads were graded on a five point scale with a score of one being best and five being worst.

    In another trial with turkeys, MINTREX Cu, Mn and Zn, were added to the normal inorganic trace mineral program or partially replaced the inorganic trace minerals. The addition of MINTREX chelated minerals significantly increased both tibia breaking strength and tibia bone thickness (Figure 4).


    Feeding animals the best and most effective source of zinc is important so that animals can fully utilize the trace mineral. With MINTREX Zn, producers can maintain excellent performance while feeding less and still improve the structural health of the animal.

    For more information please contact your nearest Novus Representative.

    References available on request.

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