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Obtain more Eggs!

The Importance of Eggs

Eggs are an amazing self-contained food source. Each one represents the most complete source of protein available in a single form. That’s why it is so important to meet the needs of a growing population by consistently providing eggs that are of the highest quality, both internally and externally.

Whether they are bound for the table or a hatchery, high quality eggs begin with a well-structured hen nutrition program. Maintaining mineral balances supports shell strength, the internal structure of the egg and tissue integrity of the un-hatched chick. And, as laying hens age, mineral nutrition plays an increasingly important role, ensuring continued production of plentiful, high quality eggs and the overall well-being of the hen. Optimal nutrition means optimal performance.


Deliver More Eggs Where It Counts



Get More Eggs



The Novus Advantage

  • One example of improvement is shown in this MINTREX trial with improved eggshell quality late in lay.
  • Egg weight improved without compromising shell strength compared to the normal feeding program.

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    Novus: A More Complete Solution

    Novus can provide a total management solution to address just about any challenge you’re facing. We’ve maintained a legacy of helping optimize poultry production for more than half a century. Novus not only advises the poultry industry on nutritionally-based issues like egg production, but we can also help with production and quality issues. Contact your Novus Representative and together, we’ll help you get your overall complex performance ratings right where you want them. At Novus, we’re committed to helping you get eggs where they count.

    Talk to your Novus Representitive about specific programs to improve:

  • Health Management and Pathogen Control
  • Performance Optimization
  • Strategic Nutrition
  • Food Quality Enhancement
  • Feed Quality Management

  • References available on request.

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