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Trace Minerals Are Essential to Breeder Performance, Egg Shell Integrity and Embryo Development

Stronger Shells Keep Your Valuables Safe

Value of Chelated Trace Minerals

When trace minerals such as copper, manganese and zinc are used in feed at recommended levels, animals are enabled to perform to their genetic potential. When these trace minerals are deficient, the results are lower reproduction, depressed immune system response, lower bone density, reduced feed efficiency, ill health and increased mortality.

The challenge facing nutritionists is to feed the most bioavailable trace minerals possible. At Novus, we believe that bioavailability is strongly linked to the percentage of mineral chelation as can be found in our MINTREX® chelated trace mineral line of products.

While chelation can be measured in a laboratory setting, the most effective way to assess the efficacy on the farm is by looking at the results of improved flock health.

Enhanced Footpad Health

Footpad lesions can decrease exportability and cut into profit margins. Novus studies have shown the right diet can reduce footpad lesions substantially. Proper nutrition can be a major factor in raising both the quantity and quality of your export paws. In fact, a zero grade can be worth nearly twice as much as a downgraded paw.

Feeding the correct ration can mean a big increase in export profitability.

  • Highly bio-available minerals strengthen the soles of the feet, making them more resistant to footpad issues.
  • Proper amino acid nutrition enables maximum tissue integrity where it counts.
  • Enzymes assist to aggressively reduce protein and nitrogen excretions.

  • The results from a Novus study completed in Brazil showed over 50% of the control flock with footpad lesions of Grade 1 or greater. Only 20% of the group fed MINTREX chelated trace minerals presented foot scores above zero. Adding MINTREX to the ration was more than twice as effective in reducing footpad dermatitis.


    Unmatched Quality, Maximum Value

    Only MINTREX consistently delivers more essential trace minerals to the bird while delivering methionine. That translates into healthier birds, more efficient yields and ultimately, better bottom line profits.


    MINTREX: Good for the Poultry Industry and the Environment.

    From rising feed costs to increasing export demands, animal welfare to environmental stewardship, the poultry industry faces many challenges. Government restrictions regarding mineral levels are in our future. Now is the time to be proactive and set an industry-leading standard. Chelated trace minerals offer a better technology that helps animals reach optimal nutrition on a reduced supplement program, which not only alleviates excretion concerns but also significantly improves production efficiency. Consider the risk of mineral loss, combined with the production you might be losing, and the value is clear. You can’t afford not to reevaluate your current program and consider the alternative solution that MINTREX chelated trace minerals provide.

    MINTREX chelated trace minerals not only optimize nutrition, but also are environmentally compatible. As a highly bioavailable mineral source, MINTREX compounds are absorbed and used by the animal to a much greater degree than comparable inorganic trace mineral supplements. So you can maintain production efficiency with fewer minerals fed. And that results in fewer minerals excreted. Feeding high-quality chelated trace minerals also offers significant advantages when it comes to production.

    Using this technology, you can provide a superior level of nutrition that’s the key to maximizing profitability. Increased bioavailability improves animal health, immunity and structure. Poultry fed with MINTREX Zn, Mn and Cu exhibit healthy joint health, leg/bone strength and skin quality. And as you know, healthier animals produce more efficiently, increasing valuable weight gain for profits and high-quality paws for the export market.



    Novus: A More Complete Solution

    Novus can provide a total management solution to address just about any challenge you’re facing. We’ve maintained a legacy of helping optimize poultry production for more than half a century. Novus not only advises the poultry industry on nutritionally-based issues like egg production, but we can also help with production and quality issues. Contact your Novus Representative and together, we’ll help you get your overall complex performance ratings right where you want them. At Novus, we’re committed to helping you get eggs where they count.

    For more information contact your nearest Novus Representative.

    References available on request.

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