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Utilizing Organic Copper as a Growth Promoter in Broilers

Copper (Cu) is a trace mineral often used commercially in diets for broilers at concentrations between 10 to 125 ppm to meet physiological mineral requirements and promote growth. It is necessary for the activity of numerous enzymes involved in the prevention of cellular oxidative damage, iron transport, metabolism, collagen and elastin formation, bone development, melanin production and central nervous system integrity. Cu also improves the animal’s immune response against inflammation and has been successfully used as a growth promoter.

One of copper’s mechanisms at high doses is its effect on gut microflora as it reduces the bacterial load in the gut and allows for greater growth and feed efficiency resulting in greater soft tissue development. Elevated supplemental levels of Cu, whether from inorganic (250 ppm) or organic (75 ppm) sources, have been shown to have antimicrobial effects as well.

What is MINTREX®?

MINTREX chelated trace minerals provide a highly bioavailable source of Cu to the bird optimizing performance and development. MINTREX is chelated with HMTBa, delivering 78 percent methionine value. The superior quality and bioavailability of MINTREX Cu allows for reduced inclusion rates while delivering high performance in body weight gain, feed conversion and soft tissue development.


MINTREX® Benefits

Studies conducted throughout the globe have shown improvements in growth when broilers have been supplemented with MINTREX Cu versus other trace minerals (Figure 1).

Due to the high bioavailability of MINTREX, lower levels are able to be fed while achieving the same or better performance (Figure 2).



Feeding birds a high-quality, bioavailable source of trace minerals is important so they can realize their genetic potential. When using MINTREX compared to inorganic trace minerals, optimal growth, health and overall performance can be realized.


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References available on request.

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