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Breeder Management and Nutrition Book Launch Event

En este libro, Novus International ha reunido a las mentes más destacadas de la industria de las reproductoras de pollos de engorde para compartir sus conocimientos científicos y técnicos junto con información sobre los últimos avances e innovaciones en la avicultura.

Live Webinar:

Join us from October 17-20, 2022 to hear from the authors during the Breeder Management & Nutrition webinar series. This digital event includes presentations on feed restriction, epigenetics, breeder management, genetics, and nutrition. Click here for more information and to register.


  1. Global (poultry) Meat Production: A Holistic View by Eddy Decuypere, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of the Physiology of Domestic Animals at KU Leuven (Belgium)
  2. Quantitative Feed Restriction and Reproductive Performance by Aitor Arrazola, Ph.D., a biologist and postdoctoral researcher with Perdue University (Indiana)
  3. Effects of Breeder Feed Restriction on Behaviour, Welfare, Reproduction, and Health by R.A. (Rick) van Emous, Ph.D., Senior Researcher in Animal Nutrition at Wageningen Livestock Research (Netherlands) and A.J.W. (Annemarie) Mens, researcher in poultry and swine nutrition at Wageningen Livestock Research (Netherlands)
  4. The Effects of Qualitative Feed Restriction on Performance, Behaviour, and Welfare of Broiler Breeders by Henk Enting, Ph.D., Senior Poultry Technology Lead for Cargill Animal Nutrition
  5. Trace Mineral Nutrition in Breeder Hens by Stanislaw Budnik, Ph.D., Senior Poultry Technical Services Manager for Northern Europe at Novus International and Silvia Peris Miras, DVM, Ph.D., Executive Regional Technical Services Manager for Europe, Africa & Middle East at Novus International
  6. Macrominerals: Calcium, Phosphorus, and Electrolytes by Hugo Romero- Sanchez, Ph.D., Executive Global Poultry Solutions Manager at Novus International and Dinabandhu Joardar, Ph.D., Poultry Nutritionist with Cargill Animal Nutrition – North America
  7. Housing, Equipment and Management of Broiler Breeders by R.A. (Rick) van Emous, Ph.D., Senior Researcher in Animal Nutrition at Wageningen Livestock Research (Netherlands)
  8. Management and Nutrition of the Male Breeder by Hugo Romero Sanchez, Ph.D., Executive Global Poultry Solutions Manager at Novus International and Edgar O. Oviedo-Rondón, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Specialist in the Prestage Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University (United States)
  9. Maternal Programming of the Offspring by Rebecca Forder, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer at the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide (Australia)
  10. Harnessing Epigenetics to Improve Chick Quality with Trace Mineral Zinc by Juxing Chen, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Structure and Functional Biology at Novus International and Mercedes Vázquez-Añón, Ph.D., Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Account Collaboration at Novus International
  11. Opportunities for Multi- and Transgenerational Feeding Strategies for Sustainable Broiler Breeder Management by Johan Buyse, Ph.D., head of the Laboratory of Livestock Physiology at KU Leuven (Belgium), book co-editor
  12. Breeder Management During Rearing: A Cobb Perspective by Robin Jarquin, Ph.D., Director of World Technical Services at Cobb-Vantress and Juan Carlos, DVM, Technical Manager with Cobb-Spain
  13. Layer Breeding: Past, Present and Future Perspectives by David Cavero Pintado, Ph.D., Chief Geneticist at H&N International in Cuxhaven (Germany) and Xabier Arbe Ugalde, Ph.D., Managing Director for Technical Service and Nutrition at H&N International in Cuxhaven (Germany)

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