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PSA Annual Meeting

July 15 – 18, 2024

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PSA Annual Meeting

Join NOVUS at the PSA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, to learn about the latest science and research from our poultry team. From poster and oral presentations to a symposium about broiler breeders, our internal experts have teamed up with industry leaders to showcase how you can optimize broiler breeder performance.


Mark your calendars for these amazing learning opportunities!

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Oral Presentations

Jorge Prada

Jorge Prada, Technical Services Manager – Mexico

Effect of Replacing Inorganic Zn, Cu and Mn with Sources Chelated to Methionine-Hydroxy-Analogue on Performance Parameters and Mineral Excretion in Broilers

Mike Schulz

Frances Yan, Ph.D., Global Poultry Research – Sr. Manager

Mike Schulz, Analytical Services Manager

Evaluation of Trypsin Inhibitor Content of Soybean Meal from Various World Areas Analyzed by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Technology

David Torres

David Torres, Regional Technical Services Lead – Minerals & Enzymes

Use of Different Sources of Zinc and Combinations of Zinc with Copper and Manganese in Broiler Chickens.

Hugo Romero Sanchez

Hugo Romero, Ph.D., Exec. Manager – Global Poultry Technology Lead

A Review of Mineral Recommendations in Broiler Breeders


Achieving Reproductive Performance and Quality Chicks with Modern Broiler Breeders

Wednesday July 17, 2024 at 9:00AM EST


Hugo Romero, Ph.D.,

Gabriela Cardoso, Ph.D. – Novus International

The U.S. poultry industry is currently facing challenges with breeder production and hatchability. In recent years, hatchability has been lower than 82%, the worst numbers since 1988 (Agristats report 2023). Some have blamed poor fertility or embryo mortality, but the root cause of this widespread phenomenon is unclear.

To add to this challenge, the industry has also reported an increase in progeny mortality. Despite these challenges, other regions like Europe, Asia, and Latin America, do not report or do not have the same performance decline.

Producing healthy chickens is the base of the broiler industry and vital to the food supply chain. This symposium will bring experts from around the world to share their experiences and help identify probable causes for these challenges and offer possible solutions.


Bob Buresh

9:00AM EST

Overview of Current Industry Issues in Breeder and Hatchery

Bob Buresh, Ph.D., Novus International, St. Louis, Missouri

Henk Enting

9:10AM EST

Nutritional Requirements of the Modern Broiler Breeder: Amino Acids and Energy

Henk Enting, Ph.D., Cargill, Gelderland, Netherlands

Rick vanEmous

9:45AM EST

Feeding and Management Programs to Maximize Breeder Performance and Hatchability

Rick van Emous, Ph.D., Wageningen University & Research, Gelderland, Netherlands

Felipe Kroetz Neto

10:20AM EST

Key Factors for Incubation Performance with the Modern Broiler Embryo

Felipe Kroetz Neto, Ph.D., Aviagen, Parana, Brazil

Hugo Romero Sanchez

10:45AM EST

Utilizing Epigenetics to Your Favor: Improving Progeny Performance Through Breeder Nutrition

Hugo Romero, Ph.D., Novus International, St. Louis, Missouri

Estella Leentfaar

11:20AM EST

Focus Points for Feeding and Management Practices to Support Hatchability in Layer Breeders

Estella Leentfaar, Hendrix Genetics, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands

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