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Novus Welcomes 30 Summer Interns Around the World


Novus Welcomes 30 Summer Interns Around the World

Developing the Talent Pipeline in the Agriculture Sector is Key to the Value Chain

Saint Louis, Missouri (June 9, 2014) -- The Novus internship program kicked off last week with nearly 30 summer interns planned to join offices around the world, throughout the summer months. Interns will be working in a variety of areas including Operations, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Research and Development, and Information Technology.

Many of this year’s interns are part of the ongoing Novus Scholars Program that awards scholarships to support research and work of students and professors around the world, who are prepared to become agriculture leaders. 2014 marks the eighth year of the program, with over 184 Novus scholars now in our global community.

"The future of sustainable animal agriculture requires the continuous flow of passionate, capable and competent people who will develop and commercialize the technologies that will make agriculture more efficient and more available as a source of affordable, wholesome protein for the world's growing populations," remarked François Fraudeau, President and CEO of Novus, International, Inc. " We share a responsibility to the future of our industry and we maintain several initiatives which are designed to attract new talent into an agriculture career and help them progress."

Career opportunities in agriculture have been declining due to the migration of populations to urban settings and the perception of agriculture as a less attractive career option. We want to help reverse this trend. We do this by forming partnerships around the world to engage with upcoming students of agriculture, food technologies and other science-based disciplines.

"The summer intern program allows Novus to deliver on our Mission and Vision by expanding knowledge and generating enrichment opportunities to our stakeholders and communities," noted Stephanie Gable, Executive Manager, Global Sales & Product Training.

More information can be found at http://www.novusint.com/about/careers or via the Novus blog http://www.novusint.com/media to learn more about the intern experience with Novus.

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