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One Goal

one goal, poultry

The ONE GOAL application delivers immediate results from flock physicals conducted onsite at poultry farms using a portable and convenient health assessment tool. The instant results help veterinarians, nutritionists and production managers make informed decisions fast, saving valuable time and resources. This Novus program helps poultry veterinarians and nutritionists establish and monitor preventive medicine and nutritional programs. Many US producers are utilizing this service and application from Novus to gain real-time information on the health of birds.

The application creates a database with the clinical history of a poultry company and benchmark health status within specific farms and complexes. One of the leading global poultry companies called on the service team from Novus to uncover the root of a gut health problem. The ONE GOAL application, along with Novus expertise, helped this company make major changes in the nutrition program before the problem escalated.

ONE GOAL is available for use to poultry veterinarians and nutritionist worldwide. The ONE GOAL platform currently runs in the U.S., but is quickly expanding to South America, the Middle East and beyond. To learn more about ONE GOAL or receive a demonstration, contact us at poultry@novusint.com