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Enhancing Meat Quality

Consumer acceptance, the intent and repeatability of purchase, for a meat product primarily depends on the quality of the product. Meat quality is influenced by the appearance, eating quality and other reliance traits of the product. Understanding the scientific background of various meat quality problems is the key in implementing specific intervention strategies to develop a successful meat product and prevent economic loss to the producer.

In this session, Dr. Vivek Kuttappan will discuss the major meat/carcass quality problems in the modern broiler industry and the potential solutions.

What you will learn?

Carcass Quality Defects:

  • Carcass quality problems in modern broiler industry such as myopathies, skin defects, and bone issues
  • Scientific knowledge on possible etiology and the predisposing factors for many of these conditions
Intervention Strategies:

  • Main strategies helping in alleviating the carcass quality issues focusing on the dietary interventions
  • Real-world experiences through sharing the field data



Dr. Vivek Kuttappan
Research Scientist
Novus International