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National Hog Convention, Philippines

Join Novus as we Push Boundaries of what nutrition can do at the Philippines 28th National Hog Convention! Visit us at Booth #89, Hall 2

Leading the industry with a solid foundation of research study behind every product and application, Novus’ research and development team continues to push boundaries and discover new ways for producers to improve productivity, in an efficient and sustainable manner, ensuring overall business success.

Explore a unique digital showcase of solutions for animal production at the Novus Booth on 4th to 6th April. Customized to provide visitors with an interactive, informational and entertaining experience, Novus booth is one not to be missed this year. Learn about the wide range of Novus solutions as well as gain insights on ways to mitigate virus through bio-security.

Philippines Hog Convention

Special Session: A Novel Solution to
Mitigate Viruses through Feed Bio-security

Thursday 4th April 2019, 4.45 to 5.45 pm, Room 1

Several studies showed that viruses can survive in feed and raw materials, but survival is variable and depends on specific properties of each viruses and chemical composition of each ingredient we used to produce animal feeds. Current crisis in China and countries with African Swine Fever cases needs immediate attention hence a call for feed biosecurity, both domestically and globally.

Ermin Magtagnob

Mr. Ermin Magtagnob
Novus Senior Technical Services Specialist

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