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Treating Your Hens Right Webinar

The current major trend in layer industry is of persistency of lay (500 egg production in 100 weeks laying cycles). It is considered as the most logical approach due to the effective utilization of diminishing resources, including land, water, raw materials for feed as well as a reduction in waste as well as financial benefits. However, it cannot be achieved by neglecting how to endure egg quality and bird health in longer laying cycles. In this respect, correct nutrition in a diet throughout the entire laying cycles is of uppermost importance. The nutritional requirements designed over 20 years ago may not be applicable to modern genetic laying hens. Thus, it is very critical to reevaluate nutritional aspects in layer production.

In this webinar, Professor Douglas Korver will discuss not only the impact of organic trace minerals on eggshell quality but also how to manage eggshell quality by farm management and dietary additives for poultry.

What you will learn?

Organic Trace Minerals and Shell Quality

  • The involvement of trace minerals in eggshell formation and quality,
    with a minor emphasis on skeletal health.
  • The use of organic trace minerals to optimize shell quality in laying hens.

Management and Dietary Additives to Manage Eggshell Quality

  • Primary focus on management techniques to optimize eggshell quality throughout the life of the flock. Managing shell quality begins with pullet management, and continues throughout the life of the flock.
  • A lesser focus will be the use of specific categories of dietary ingredients that may be useful in maintaining shell quality.

Douglas R. Korver

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