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Feeding for the Future Forum

Novus Forum in Sydney, Australia

Novus organized a Knowledge Forum titled "Feeding for the Future" in Sydney, Australia on the 5th of August. Dr. Craig Coon from The University of Arkansas and Dr. Eugeni Roura from the University of Queensland discussed the nutritional needs for the next generation of broilers and breeders. Mr. Matthew Bekker, Novus Technical Manager for Australia, also shared the latest researches on mineral requirements for modern birds.

Customer Visits in The Philipines and Thailand

Dr. Craig Coon also visited customers in the Philippines and Thailand prior to presenting at the Novus Forum in Australia. Nutritional strategies for both breeders and broilers were highlighted during the visits. The potential challenges from lack of appropriate nutrition such as egg shell quality, bone strength and skin myopathies were discussed. Dr. Coon shared that uniformity can be achieved by overfeeding and also that feeding everyday rather than skip a day can help save approximately 7% of feed. This works if the producers have a fast feeding system and a low energy feed. For broilers, Dr. Coon stressed on 'maintenance', producers will not receive any monetary benefit on just maintenance and no protein gains. Vaccination causes stress that requires extra nutrition to maintain performance. Dr. Coon highlighted the importance of bio security to minimize the need for vaccine. Other topics such as calcium, phosphorus, amino acid and energy requirements as well as protein turnover were also discussed during the sessions.






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