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Feed Mill Management Symposium

During July to August 2017, Novus organized Advanced Feed Mill Management Symposiums in Bangkok (Thailand), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Kolkata (India) to educate our feed manufacturing customers on topics related to Feed Mill Sanitation, Bio-Security, Energy Management, Peletting Process and various other issues and important considerations in Feed Mill Management for better animal performance.

The keynote speaker for these events is Dr. Charles Stark, Associate Professor of Feed Technology, Kansas State University, USA. In addition to his teaching background, Dr. Stark has 12 years experience in the feed industry with responsibilities in feed manufacturing, quality assurance and plant operations. Currently his research emphasizes on testing new products and feed manufacturing processes that allows animal agriculture to efficiently produce a safe food supply of meat, milk and eggs.

The event in Bangkok, Thailand took place at the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel and was well attended by close to 70 delegates. In addition to delegates from Thailand, customers also travelled from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and various countries in South Central Asia. With an increasing demand for meat production, feed manufacturing industry faces the pressure in producing feed more efficiently. It is important to understand the nutrient requirements of animal to feed them appropriately. Dr. Stark suggested that the nutritional potential of feed ingredients can be determined by using particle size. Being an expert in pelletting, Dr. Stark emphasized that steam quality is a critical success factor in efficient pelletting process. He also gave guidance on how to achieve the desired steam quality. The importance of bio security was also stressed on as Dr. Stark discussed how a safe, clean and well maintained feed mill requires coorperation and effort from both management and operators. His final message to the delegate was to "Think global, acquire & adopt new technologies but act local as per prevailing environmental conditions". Mr. Ermin Magtanob, Novus' Technical Services Specialist, closed the event with discussions on feed hygiene and how the usage of FORMYCINE GOLD Px can support challenges in feed contaminations.


The event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam took place on 27th July 2017 at The Reverie Saigon. Over 100 delegates from 32 companies joined the event. As like the event in Bangkok, the main topic of focus that received high interest from majority of the participants was also feed pelleting. The benefits of Peletting includes improve palatability. decrease feed wastage (feeder management), destroys pathogens/ microorganism, reduce ingredient segregation, improves flowability and increases formulation flexibility.


The event in Kolkata, India took place on 1st to 2nd August at the Swissôtel Kolkata and was well attended by close to 70 delegates. In addition to focused discussions on pelletting and biosecutiry as the forum in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Stark interacted with customers to understand feed milling practices prevailing in India and gave valuable inputs to improve efficiency as per local conditions.