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Novus Poultry Nutrition Forum 2018

Novus organized a Poultry Nutrition Forum in Bangkok, Thailand on 6th June 2018 to share knowledge with our customers on the layer nutrition and feeding programs. Feeding recommendations for broilers in the absence of antibiotics were also shared to the attendees and paved path for the Novus Pushing Boundaries program.

The event that took place at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel was well attended by over 50 delegates from around the region including Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and also from India and Nepal. The key note speakers for the event were Dr. Gonzalo Mateos, Professor of Animal Science at the University of Madrid in Spain and Dr. Xabier Arbe, Global Nutritionist at H&N International.

Dr. Arbe whose main interest lies in poultry nutrition discussed on how to lengthen the productivity cycle of a laying hen by providing the basic steps that any laying egg producer should evaluate and practice. Dr. Arbe emphasized that feed intake should define the type of feed and that raw materials variability needs to be taken into consideration. Dr. Mateos furthered the discussion on the topic of layer nutrition and shared his practical advice on current issues in providing nutrition to laying hen. He emphasized on different nutritional aspects that is needed by the birds in times of production, stress and diseases.

During the afternoon session, Dr. Gonazalo Mateos tackled an emerging and one of the most important aspects of poultry production in SEA today which is the ban on antibiotics. He gave the audience an idea on how it is done in EU and also gave his insights on how it should be done in Asia. One key message that he emphasized is that if management is not improved when antibiotics are not used, then other improvements (in health and nutrition) will either be minimal or will not work at all.

The forum concluded with a session from Mr. Matthew Bekker, Novus Technical Manager, on trace mineral nutrition and MINTREX benefits on breeder, layer and broiler performance. Novus realizes the importance of management, hygiene and nutrition to support health and performance of broilers and this forms basis of our Pushing Boundaries program to do more with nutrition under antibiotic-free production.



Novus Poultry Nutrition Forum with Dr. Gonzalo Mateos and Dr. Xabier Arbe and Mr. Matthew Bekker on 6th June 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.