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The ability to protect raw materials and finished feeds from harmful contaminants is crucial to ensure animal performance. Bacteria, mold, mycotoxins and aflatoxins rob ingredients of their value to the animal. By improving the microbiological quality of the feed, animals can utilize the full nutritional benefit of each ingredient with lowered risk for sickness.

In addition to the benefits of strong animal performance, controlling pathogenic presence in feed can reduce the risk of farm-born diseases to public health.

FORMYCINE® preservative pre-mix is a powerful source of raw material and finished feed protection. Its unique blend of ingredients provides unsurpassed protection through targeted modes of action. Beyond its effective control of bacteria, mold, viruses and yeast, FORMYCINE is fast-acting and does not leave residue in meat or final products.


FORMYCINE Gold Px preservative premix is used to control and kill harmful contaminations in raw materials and finished feed. This helps to prevent the harmful effects of animal disease, and can lead to a faster recovery from outbreaks.


Proper treatment and control of feed can lead to:
• Decreased chances of respiratory and digestive tract diseases
• Decreased cost of treatments on farm
• Decreased environmental ammonia
• Optimized production performance


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FORMYCINE® Gold Px preservative pre-mix is a dry granular product containing a blend of formaldehyde and propionic acid designed to sanitize feed.  Its wide-spectrum of effectiveness helps to control harmful contaminants that may otherwise reduce animal performance.

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