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PRO-STABIL® preservative premixtures are used in the preservation and stabilization of compound feed and feed materials. Due to their strong inhibitory effect on yeasts and molds, they are particularly used to stabilize total mixed rations.

Mould growth is a serious problem in feeds and raw materials, especially while stored. It causes losses of quantity and quality. Deteriorated feeds are characterized by the presence of musty odours. Mould growth destroys nutrients, reduces palatability and can produce mycotoxins, causing serious health problems. Using feed preservatives based on blends of organic acids (propionic, formic etc.) and other inhibitory compounds like ammonia is an efficient way of prevention. Adding PRO-STABIL Preservative Premixture, which contains these organic acids, permanently inhibits or kills off the micro-organisms adhering to cereals and other feed materials.


PRO-STABIL® BSL is a mould inhibitor based on propionic acid, formic acid, ammonium formate, ammonium propionate and surfactant.

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