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Novus Continues and Expands 25-year Industry Commitment at World Pork Expo

Novus Continues and Expands 25-year Industry Commitment at World Pork Expo

St. Charles, Missouri – June 7, 2016 – The playing field for pork production has been elevated and continues to rise in 2016. As producers face more regulations and challenges than ever from suppliers, consumers and the U.S. Government, Novus International, Inc. is looking forward to providing new and innovative programs and solutions to customers at World Pork Expo.

Novus will host an event at their hospitality tent (G269) on Wednesday, June 8, at 3:30 p.m. discussing their approach to these market changes and commitment to helping the industry navigate increased consumer pressures. Dr. Bob Buresh, executive manager, North America technical services with Novus International, along with Jared Hux, senior manager North America marketing, will be sharing Novus’s commitments and plans to help its customers in this evolving marketplace.

“We have been doing business in the pork industry for 25 years, seeing trends come and go and watching market conditions fluctuate. We are at a crossroads in production with the additional oversight we are facing. At Novus, we recognize that it takes a holistic view with a team approach and that is what we are looking to provide to our customers and the industry,” commented Dr. Buresh.

On Thursday, Novus invites all attendees of the World Pork Expo to stop by the tent at 5:45 p.m. to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with the annual Pig Pickin’.

“We are honored to host a Pig Pickin’ again this year with the hog being provided by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and prepared by Lynch’s BBQ. As we look toward the next 25 years of business, it is imperative we continue to partner with organizations like NPPC to be successful,” stated Mr. Mike Windham, executive manager, U.S. monogastric sales at Novus, who will be on hand for the anniversary celebration.

For more information on Novus events at World Pork Expo or to secure a spot at their event, please contact Rachel Hieston at rachel.hieston@novusint.com or by calling 317-292-8127.


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