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Novus Commitment to Animal Science Presented During JAM 2014

Novus Commitment to Animal Science Presented During JAM 2014


More than 10 new research trials demonstrate the positive effects of methionine, chelated trace minerals, and therapeutic nutrition solutions on animal performance


St. Louis – July 21, 2014 – The 2014 Joint Annual Meeting (JAM), a collaboration of the American Dairy Science Association® (ADSA®), the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) and the Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS), will kick off in Kansas City, Missouri, Monday, July 21. One of the goals of JAM 2014 is to present high quality, relevant science that links animal science and animal agriculture. Novus will be contributing to this goal with the presentation of more than 10 research abstracts, and as a gold level sponsor.

“Science and research are what drive the products and programs created by Novus,” said Dr. Chris Knight, Senior Vice President, Products and Solutions and Chief Innovation Officer at Novus. “We are steadfast in our commitment to address the health and nutrition needs of the beef, dairy and pork industries, today and in the future. The positive results achieved with Novus methionine, chelated trace minerals, and therapeutic nutrition solutions are evidenced in the research our scientists will be presenting during JAM.”

Novus’s core focus on methionine and chelated trace mineral nutrition is emphasized at this year’s conference. Novus has a presentation schedule that spans the four-day event.

Monday, Novus will be sharing some of the most recent findings on the advantages of feeding MINTREX® chelated trace minerals to finishing pigs. When finishing pigs were supplemented with 50 ppm of Cu from MINTREX for the first 42 days of the period, an improvement in feed to gain ratio was seen over other minerals.

Cow comfort has long been a focus at Novus and understanding how MINTREX affects cow comfort and production parameters is the focus of a poster the Novus team will be presenting Wednesday. When a partial replacement of inorganic trace minerals with MINTREX was used in dairy cattle rations in central Spain, cows receiving MINTREX had reduced lameness, and improved conception rates after 30 days of exposure.

Summer is certainly a time of stress for a cow and her ability to produce high quality milk. Understanding how ALIMET® can have an effect on diet-induced milk fat depression was the focus of a study conducted in conjunction with Penn State University that will be presented on Thursday. When cows in a diet-induced challenge for milk fat depression were supplemented with commercial levels of ALIMET, milk fat production was maintained, compared to those cows not receiving ALIMET that saw less milk fat produced.

To learn more about the comprehensive programs and products Novus has available to support the livestock industry and to view Novus’s complete presentation schedule for JAM, visit the company’s corporate web site at www.novusint.com.


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