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Living Our Values

Novus’s 2013 Sustainability Report, “Living Our Values”, sheds light on the many ways in which our mission, vision and core values are brought to life in the sustainable practices we apply every day. From delivering on efficiencies at our offices and plants, to providing solutions for customers to reduce their environmental impact, our Sustainability Report is full of stories depicting the real effect our business has on the sustainable future of our planet.

This report is a tribute to all our partners, including Novus customers, employees, suppliers and all those we reach in the course of our daily business. It describes our shared challenges and successes of the past year, as well as new opportunities for the future.

An online version of the report, including video content and interactivity, can be found at www.novusint.com/sustainability. Printed copies of the full report, as well as the shorter At-A-Glance version, are available by request by e-mailing info@novusint.com

We hope you enjoy the report as much as we do, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.