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Sharing Scientific Findings at PSA 2013!

Novus had two scientific posters that were presented by Dr. M.K.Manangi, on Tuesday, July 23:

Impact of feeding broiler chicks the diets containing varied levels of chelated minerals compared to industry levels of inorganic trace minerals on broiler performance, immune response, and litter minerals concentration. To find out more about this poster, visit www.novusint.com/psa2013

Feeding broiler breeder hens with diets containing reduced levels of Zn, Cu, and Mn as chelates compared to industry levels as sulfates/oxides improve hatching rate and progeny quality. To read the entire abstract, visit www.novusint.com/psa2013

If you’re at PSA 2013 don’t forget to come by our booth and let us know what you thought of yesterday’s meeting!