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Novus Shares Latest Research in Poultry Nutrition at ESPN 2019

Novus International, Inc., a leader in animal nutrition and health solutions, supported the global poultry industry as a diamond sponsor of the 22nd European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN). ESPN is a significant forum for industry professionals to exchange information and engage in discussions on poultry nutrition issues and advancements. Novus shared latest innovations in minerals, enzymes, eubiotics and pigments during the scientific conference in Gdansk, Poland, June 10-13.

With the move towards antibiotic-free production continuing to be on the rise and a limited number of studies showing benefits of combinations of gut active feed additives for broiler performance, Novus saw the importance of studying the specific benefits of a range of feed additives that historically showed benefits to hind gut health and bird performance. Importantly, these additives were studied in the same experiment allowing for direct comparison across a range of measurements. The experiment also looked at each additive independently and in conjunction with a foregut acidifier, all conducted in the absence of antibiotics. The feed additives included in this extensive trial were organic acid blend, essential oils and copper methionine hydroxy acid chelate at 30ppm.

The key findings of the study are as below;

  • Introducing 30ppm of copper methionine hydroxy acid chelate was effective alone or in combination with water acid to improve FCR in the first 10 days and significantly improved villous architecture and surface area.
  • Effective water acidification with a methionine hydroxy analogue based solution improved performance regardless of hind gut active compound.
  • In the first 10 days of broiler production, the combination of organic acid water based solution decreasing pH in the fore gut and slow release hind gut organic acid was the most successful in reducing FCR.
  • Although the birds in the negative control group had no reduction in performance, measures such as FPD and tibial head lesions showed sub-acute symptoms and a significant reduction in carcase integrity at 35 days.

“The data is still being analysed, however it is clear that organic acids both in fore and hind gut health are very effective. The combination of both is very powerful for bird health.” Commented Mr. Matthew Bekker, Senior Technical Services Manager, Novus Oceania.

Supporting all previous studies, the stand-alone addition of copper methionine hydroxy analogue at 30ppm continues to show the greatest overall performance especially in growth efficiency, gut health, tissue development and structural integrity of any treatment.

For more information, contact Novus representative at www.novusint.com