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COVID-19: A message to our customers and the animal agriculture industry

March 19, 2020
Novus International, Inc. knows that food production cannot stop even in the face of crisis, which is why we are continuing to help the animal agriculture industry feed the world during this unprecedented time.

In anticipation of the global impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Novus created a senior-level response team to proactively manage the burden on our business operations and our customers.

Below is an overview from the Novus COVID-19 Response Team of actions taken to minimize risk and prepare for further impacts.

The safety and health of our employees is critical. At first mention of the severity of this novel virus, leadership in Asia – China in particular – took steps to minimize risk of contagion. As the virus spread, we implemented globally working remotely (where possible) to reduce the burden on our employees, particularly those caring for children as schools closed and those supporting at-risk dependents. This action was also in accordance with local laws to help reduce the spread of the virus.

For those employees whose positions are critical to serve both our colleagues and our customers, we enforced additional cleaning at facilities, created alternative schedules to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, and we are continuing to frequently remind employees of the importance of simple precautionary measures they can do to protect themselves as they continue to work at our facilities globally.

At the first sign of interruption, our Supply Chain and Logistics teams have worked to proactively reduce the impact global supply chain disruptions are having on customers.

Our Customer Service and Sales teams have been made aware of challenges and encouraged to communicate with their contacts, ensuring our customers are up-to-speed on the current state of our business.

Although no interruptions are expected, our teams globally have plans in place that will allow us to continue the production and delivery of product in the event it becomes impossible for all employees to report to work.

The situation is uncertain but our commitment to the industry is strong. I have been inspired by our employees’ passion and commitment to the service of our customers. In the face of this COVID-19 challenge, I am amazed by the creativity and desire of our teams to overcome obstacles and find solutions to do our best and continue to be there for our customers.

We will continue to partner with our customers and will be open about the challenges we face. We appreciate the industry’s support and patience, and we look forward to calmer days ahead. I believe we will emerge more unified as an industry.

Dan Meagher
EVP & Managing Director; incoming CEO & President