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Novus Knowledge Webinars Feature Experts in Several Fields

Novus International Southeast Asia and Pacific has organized over ten webinars since April 2020 to support the industry with continuous learning opportunities from experts around the world through the pandemic when travels and physical events are not possible. The objective of these webinars is to address the key industry challenges including gut health in poultry and swine, nutritional requirements of the aging hen, sow feeding, maximizing performance with low crude protein diets. Knowledge webinar sessions were also provided on other topics such as “Feed milling for sustainable food production” and “Marketing of Protein Food in a post-Covid world”.

In August, the two-part knowledge webinar on Feed Milling by Dr Charles Stark from Kansas State University was well attended by over 500 attendees. The topics covered included troubleshooting measures for feed manufacturing problems during grinding, mixing and pelleting. In addition to that, Dr Stark also discussed biosecurity measures, process control measures to minimize ASF and employee safety in the midst of Covid-19.

Experts including Dr Laura Greiner from Iowa State University stress the importance of building a good understanding of the herd, genetics, management program to best maximize animal performance during her session “The Feeding of Today’s Sow from a Practical Standpoint”. According to Dr Frances Yan from Novus International during her session on “Nutritional Interventions in Improving Gut Health for Poultry”, dietary interventions through organic acids, protease and chelated trace minerals have been shown to be effective in alleviating certain aspects of the vicious cycle supporting gut health and performance.

According to Annafe Perino, Product Manager at Novus International Southeast Asia and Pacific, “Learning should never stop despite the circumstances around us. Through these webinars, we are still able to touch base with our customers and share insights on latest practices and research on both swine and poultry species. We have several webinars scheduled until the end of this year, so we encourage you to join us, get involved and gain new knowledge together.”

This month, The Novus Knowledge Webinar features Dr Douglas Korver from the University of Alberta for a “Breeder Masterclass” covering topics related to breeder structural integrity including Ca and P nutrition and skeletal development, organic trace minerals in breeder diets and the impact on shell quality as well as broiler production.

For more information on upcoming webinars or to watch the past webinar replays, visit www.novusint.com/th-th/Events