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With the advent and modifications in poultry genetics, varied strains are being produced to yield optimum performance in terms of Body weight, FCR, EEF, Egg production, Uniformity, Reduction in mortality, etc. Learn more from the article - Modifying Performance in poultry through Enzymes when used alternative raw materials in feed by Dr. Milind Rainchwar, technical service manager, Novus South Central Asia, published on Benison Media.

Modifying Performance in poultry through Enzymes

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    ​Novus International in collaboration with Dr. Yuwares Ruangpanit from Animal Science Department, Kasetsart University, Kamphaengsaen Campus in Thailand developed and recently launched the Eggshell Grading and Scoring System (eGss). This system consists of a specially designed box to illuminate the intact egg, giving it a translucent image. The grading and scoring of eggs are done based on the area of light passing through eggshell and the evenness of light distribution across the shell surface. The result or scores of the eggs is correlated to eggshell strength and shell thickness based on data from trials conducted by Kasetsart University. This could help Novus’s layer customers in primarily evaluating eggshell quality to ensure more saleable eggs in their operations.​

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