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Novus's VP of Global Sales and Marketing supports 2014 Food Drive in a BIG way!

In support of Novus's 2014 Food Drive efforts, the VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Samson Li, took the pledge to participate in the SNAP challenge. The SNAP challenge encourages participants to spend only $1.50 per meal in order to get a sense of what life is like for millions of low-income Americans facing hunger. You can find more information about the SNAP Challenge here: http://feedingamerica.org/get-involved/hunger-action-month/snap-challenge.aspx

During the SNAP Challenge, Samson kept a detailed log of his experience. For the next five days we will share his journey with you. Please see below:

Day 5- May 28th

For breakfast today I had bacon, eggs, milk, and a sausage patty on hamburger bun.  It was a very big breakfast.  For lunch I brought the same food that I ate for dinner last night. I brought it in a lunchbox!  I took a small portion to ensure that I did not go over budget.  It was interesting because I have never brought a lunch box to work in my life!  I never thought that I would bring a lunch box to work because in my country, only those who have very limited budget, diet control, or a food allergy bring their lunch to work.  I was sure that if I did that in my country, rumors would spread that I was in financial trouble.  So I had to bring my lunch to work and put it in the outside refrigerator.

Work flooded my thoughts, so I did not have much time to think of my hunger pains.  When I finally ate lunch I found that my lunch tasted a bit salty after being in the microwave.  I normally leave the office around 6-7pm, but I left the office at 5:00pm sharp because I was feeling hungry and the only way to eat something was to go home for dinner.  Again, I had a normal Chinese dinner with a little bit of everything but I had to have two bowls of rice and only a little meat and vegetable in order to stay on budget.  An interesting thing happened during dinner.  Soy sauce with chili was on the table for seasoning; my mother was curious as to why I was not using any as she thought she made the sauce wrong.  I informed her that I could not use the seasoning because it counts towards the $4.50/day.  Somehow I was getting used to not eating much protein after a few days of going without.