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Summing Up Sustainability - A Word from our CEO

We live in a dynamic period of human history. Technological advancement has never been more fast-paced and effective in changing the way we do business in a global economy. With this change comes an immense responsibility to drive the agriculture industry forward, but not at the expense of the earth and its natural resources. At Novus, our customers know this responsibility very intimately. So how can we assist?

Our objective is to become even more customer-centric, focusing on understanding in great detail the environment and conditions that challenge our customers and to help them by providing the best, innovative, science-based solutions available. Sustainability is at the core of our strategy to accomplish this. Each product in our six core platforms delivers a sustainable advantage to animal protein producers.

I invite you to learn more about what sustainability means to Novus, and our customers, in our 2013 Sustainability Report – “Summing Up Sustainability”. Visit sustainability.novusint.com to learn more.

Francois Fraudeau

President and CEO