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Sustainability – What’s It to Ya?

Sustainability – What’s It to Ya? 

Sustainability means different things to different people. Some people and companies approach sustainability with a “check the box and move on” mentality. For them, sustainability is only a “window dressing.”


At Novus, sustainability is part of our business strategy and culture. It’s a mindset that is woven throughout the business. We are focused on providing solutions to our customers that make animals healthier and more productive, while ensuring they clearly contribute to the sustainability of their production systems and businesses in general. 


“If you look at the Novus Vision, Mission and Core Values, sustainability is a key component of who we are as a company. It's not a window dressing,” said Ed Galo, managing director for North America at Novus International. “We incorporate it into every aspect of the business. To make a real impact, we have to be true to what sustainability means.”


Sustainability in Practice

In 2013, Novus introduced the Novus Sustainability Priorities Compass, which serves as the foundation for progress toward delivering on the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the company. The following are a few examples of sustainability in practice at Novus.  

Customer Productivity

It's important to Novus that their customers are profitable, and this is directly linked to the technologies they bring to the market.

A new initiative, Project Horizon, is Novus’s commitment to helping producers navigate through the transition to antibiotic-free production. Our experts concentrate on offering successful alternatives to fill gaps in antibiotic-free protein production systems and provide a solutions-based approach to customers.

Engaged and Empowered Employees

Engaging and empowering employees happens when you have a meaningful, important mission and vision. Novus employees believe they can make an impact by helping customers efficiently produce food and are motivated to do great work.

Sustainable Animal Agriculture

One of Novus’s goals is to bring people into the business who are passionate about producing food. Visit Novus headquarters in early summer, and you will see about 30 college interns actively bringing fresh ideas into the company to help move the animal agriculture industry into the future. On top of learning the business, they each lead a specific project and present their findings to Novus executives. 

Supply Chain Efficiency

Novus spends a significant amount of time thinking about how to shave over-the-road miles off every trip they make, which means setting up distribution centers in locations that make sense. An example is the AIMS® automated supply chain management system which uses logistical innovation to distribute liquid ALIMET® feed supplement in the U.S. Using satellite readers in the tags at customers’ sites, Novus is able to determine the perfect time to ship ALIMET to efficiently meet customer needs in the most effective manner. 


Human Health and Nutrition

Novus has a separate arm of business, STRATUM NUTRITION®, that focuses on human nutrition. It’s an opportunity market that Novus is investing in that can also have a direct impact on health. A human health supplement has been commercialized using eggshell membrane which supports bone and joint health while minimizing waste in the poultry industry.