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Novus Aqua Academy: Map Out Strategy to Win in the Blue Ocean

Novus Aqua Academy: Map Out Strategy to Win in the Blue Ocean

Gain Advantages in a Competitive Environment Through Technical Innovation and Market Strategy


SHANGHAI (March 11, 2017) – Novus Aqua Academy, with a theme of “Map Out Strategy to Win in the Blue Ocean,” will be held in Xiamen, Fujian on March 14-17.

The competition in the Chinese aqua feed industry is becoming more and more intensive. Unexpected competitors and capital entering the market increase breakdowns of the existing market patterns. To survive and succeed, every player has to be capable and determined.

“Being armed with professional equipment, front-edge technologies, innovative market strategies and learning from the best has proved important and necessary,” explained Flemming Mahs, General Manager for Novus in North East Asia. “Novus Aqua Academy is the platform to gain these key success factors.”

Topics targeted in this year’s Aqua Academy are stress and immune modulation by nutrition, anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) and feed utilization, digestible energy, net energy equation estimation and market tracking, protein structure and effective utilization, the relationship between marketing strategy and industry trends, and how to recognize the additional value of the brand in animal nutrition industry.

Invited speakers include Dr. Zhenyu Du from East China Normal University, Dr. Wang Guiqin from Jilin Agricultural University, Dr. Tao Qingyan, Novus North East Asia Technical Service Manager for Aqua, and Mr. Cao Shijun, Novus North East Asia Marketing Director. Dr. Du is one of the top experts from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts in China and has over ten years of experience in aquatic animal nutrition metabolism and aquatic product biosecurity with special expertise in fish lipid metabolism and aquatic product security evaluation. Dr. Wang also has over ten years of experience in aquatic animal nutrition and feed research as well as teaching, especially in the field of comparative animal nutrition, molecular immunity nutrition, and environment stress modulation by nutrition. In addition, she serves as a technical consultant for large companies such as Tong Wei Group and Wellhope. Dr. Tao has more than 15 years aquatic animal diet formulation experience. She is familiar with feed ingredients, feeding models and excels at aquatic animal nutrition metabolism and feed evaluation.

The Novus Aqua Academy aims to help industry professionals become more competitive and successful in the marketplace. To participate, please follow us on WeChat: NovusInternational. A select few will receive free admissions for following Novus. For more information, contact Yuwei Liu at Yuwei.Liu@novusint.com.  


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