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Advanced Feed Milling Technology Forum, India, 2018

Know, Update & Improve Feed Milling Process

Novus India Animal Nutrition Pvt Ltd, in its dedicated efforts towards pushing the boundaries of modern poultry nutrition & health conducted second edition of Advanced Feed Milling Technology Forum in Pune on 2nd & 3rd July 2018. Forum focused on detailed deliberation on Feed milling process, economics, innovative feed milling technologies, strategic planning for new projects & feed hygiene. The company’s longstanding dedication to animal research and service to the industry was also highlighted at the event.

Mr Sanjeev Khanna, Business Unit Head Poultry, India & Nepal welcomed the audience on second edition of this forum & explained theme of the forum. He discussed that feed contributes around 75 % of the cost of production in poultry operation & feed milling is an integral part of this process. He also mentioned that multiple factors affect poultry operations, and Novus brings many years of expertise to help evaluate industry practices and offer sustainable solutions to producers. Novus is dedicated to enhancing nutrition programs for the broiler, layer and breeder segments. As a leader in innovation and research, Novus will continue to provide value-added services to the industry beyond the business relationship with a reflection to its vision “to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life”.

Key speaker for this forum were Dr Charles Stark, Associate Professor of Feed Technology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA & Dr Jeevan Sonawane, Sr Marketing Manager – SCA Novus.

Day one of the forum was focused on most important aspect of Feed milling which is pelleting. Dr Stark shared his latest findings & research on pelleting process. He has also explained in detail about economics of grinding & pelleting in feed mill operations. Dr Stark also stated that inventory management including shrink calculation is key challenge in feed milling operation in current dynamic feed ingredient prices.

Day two was more focussed on biosecurity, training, safety, grain manamgnet, laborotory set up & management.Dr Stark emphasised on importance of feed mill biosecurity during todays intensified production system. He also informed proprietors to take all due care about training as well as safety of all employees at work place.

Dr Jeevan Sonawane, Sr Marketing Manager, SCA Novus, discussed importance of feed hygiene in today's challenging poultry environment. Animal feed plays an important part in food chain and has implications on quality of meat and eggs. He elaborated on concept & need of the feed hygiene. According to him key drivers for feed hygiene will be consumer awareness & reducing microbial load in feed for better gut health. He stated that there is need of collaborative efforts by the nutritionist, purchase & plant manager to produce feed hygienically. He concluded that the sampling, technology and additives are going to be key in the success for effective feed hygiene.

The interactive forum had a strong participation from leading poultry feed millers, consultants, farmers, plant managers from various locations across India who shared their experience & challenges of Feed milling. An overarching message at the event was that feed milling is integral & dynamic process of the entire operation & needs attention time to time on various critical aspect.


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