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CIBENZA Reduce Feed Cost & Optimize Diets

Pakistan Poultry Industry and Animal Feed Usage

Pakistan Poultry industry is currently facing tremendous challenges including high ingredient and feed cost affecting both feed mills and farms.

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Efficient energy utilization from different feed ingredients plays an important role in diet cost management. Presence of soluble NSP along with other factors potentially prevents the effective energy utilization from feed ingredients. While Xylanase enzymes are commonly used to manage the concerns of low energy utilization of wheat based diets caused by the presence of an abundance of soluble arbino-xylans, In Pakistan where corn-based diets (high content of soluble mannams) are more commonly used, mananase enzymes is more effective. Other commonly used poultry feed in Pakistan also have higher fraction of soluble mannan.

Selected feed ingredients from the Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine 2017 indicates that feed ingredients have a higher percentage of soluble Mannose as compared to soluble Xylose. To save energy and feed cost, mannanase enzymes does have more importance. However, the importance of using xylanaseexist and thus it could be appropriate to use enzyme combinations for diet optimization and poultry perfrmance

Non starch polysaccharides content offeedstuffs (% Fed)*


*Brazilian table for Poultry and Swine4th Edition, 2017 (p 251-253); these values could change from source to source and region to region but just as a guideline are taken from Brazilian poultry tables

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An upward price trend is particularly noticeable for soybean meal (SBM) that has in turn affected prices of other protein meals. From the trend outlook, SBM prices could stay high for the next few months.

Soybean Meal and Maize Price (Pakistan Rupee per Metric Ton) **


**Source: Index Mundi

Keeping in view the high ingredient prices, feed cost saving, environment safety, gut health and antibiotic replacement, it is important to consider the usage or effective protease enzyme with a proven scientific matrix value. The digestibility of protein and amino acids in different poultry feed ingredients at the terminal ileum of the bird is not fully completed and varying amount of it is either fermented by microbes at the hind gut causing further numerous gut health issues and/or lost in the feces.

Approximation of the undigested a fractions (%) in different feed ingredients.


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The use of a reliable protease with proven scientific date is imperative to significantly enhance the protein and amino acids utilization, reduce feed cost by considering its full matrix value and increasing room for the non-conventional meal sources. Inclusion of protease in poultry diet can also assist in gut health improvement, ammonia production reduction, heat stress alleviation, fecal scoring improvement and enteritis incidences minimization.


Finding ways to improve feed efficiency is critical to profitability. When this requires reformulating rations due to high feed costs, producers don’t want to sacrifice animal performance. With the CIBENZA® feed additive family of enzymes, this isn’t an issue. Using CIBENZA products in feed formulation produces more dietary energy, improves protein digestibility and increases the availability of nutrients such as starch, amino acids, and fat.

Enzymes are scientifically proven to help improve digestion of protein and energy as well as improving phosphorous metabolism, allowing producers to decrease the use of expensive ingredients when necessary. Enzymes also allow for the incorporation of a wider variety of more cost-effective ingredients without affecting performance.

CIBENZA products optimize feed formulations to:

    • Promote more efficient meat production
    • Deliver feed cost savings
    • Support a healthy digestive system


CIBENZA® DP100 feed additive is an intrinsically heat stable, potent protease enzyme feed additive that optimizes the digestibility of proteins in poultry and swine feed ingredients. This aids in the reduction of feed cost, improved production performance and better ingredient risk management.

CIBENZA DP100 Datasheet


CIBENZA® DE200 feed additive enzyme helps maintain or enhance feeding practices. CIBENZA® DE200 releases optimal dietary energy and improves nutrient utilization, providing an energy replacement to minimize feed cost.

CIBENZA DE200 Datasheet

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