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MINTREX for Breeder

Promote Reproductive Performance with MINTREX

Optimize mineral absorption for improved hatchability and chick quality


Success for a poultry breeder is dependent on being able to supply a consistent set of quality chicks which means keeping hens laying a quality egg is critical. The diet of a hen plays an important role in both the amount and quality of eggs produced; there must be sufficient transfer of nutrients to the egg in order for the structural integrity and fertility to be optimized.

MINTREX® chelated trace minerals from Novus provide a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals to the hen in order to optimize performance and development. Research conducted in the U.S. and Europe consistently demonstrates breeders supplemented with MINTREX lay more eggs that have better egg quality indicators, including egg shell strength and egg shell thickness, than those supplemented with inorganic trace minerals alone.

Improve Egg Production | Improve Hatchability | Chick Quality