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Trace minerals are key nutrients for poultry

Trace minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese and selenium are essential to all animals for a wide variety of physiological processes. Immune development and response, tissue and bone development and protection against oxidative stress are just a few examples. Deficiencies in trace minerals can lead to reduced performance and even death.

Table 1 below summarizes trace mineral impact in many poultry production parameters.

Table 1. Trace Mineral Impact



Overfeeding of minerals does not improve animal performance

Only a small portion of inorganic mineral salts are delivered to the intestinal absorption sites; much is excreted into the environment. Therefore, poultry diets would have to be formulated with higher levels of minerals to ensure the birds are getting the required amounts. However, overfeeding can result in antagonistic chemical interactions that also make the mineral unavailable to the poultry birds. Feeding highly bioavailable trace minerals can help maximize performance. Chelated trace minerals are proven to have better absorption and bio-availability.


MINTREX®: A high bioavailable source of traceminerals

MINTREX® chelated organic trace minerals from Novus provide a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals to poultry birds in all stages of production. The unique 2:1 chelate structure delivers high bioavailability and superior quality over other inorganic and organic sources of trace minerals. MINTREX® works to improve overall production parameters and well-being of poultry birds as compared to other mineral sources.

The three P's of an ideal ligand function

  • Prevents the mineral complex from falling apart as it travels through the digestive tract which prevents intestinal bacteria from consuming the mineral.
  • Protects the mineral from being tied up by antagonists present in the digesta, precipitating out of solution and passing unused from the animal.
  • Presents the mineral to the absorption site, where specific chemical receptors receive, process and transport the mineral to the bloodstream.

Properties of an ideal ligand

  • Fully defined and proven structure
  • Physical stability in upper GI tract
  • Consistent delivery to absorption sites
  • Scientifically described absorption mechanism

MINTREX® minerals contains Methionine hydroxy analogue as ligand that tick all the right boxes of being ideal ligand unlike other forms of ligand e.g. Single amino acids, Proteinates & Polysaccharides.

*TMO and TMO Plus standard premix from Novus contains MINTREX® chelated minerals as a source of Zn, Cu and Mn.


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