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AVIMATRIX® is an innovative feed solution which supports poultry producers to achieve maximum bird performance in an effective and sustainable way. AVIMATRIX contains a unique blend of nature identical flavouring compounds including benzoic acid proven to have stabilizing effects on gut microflora. It specifically acts on the lower gut environment through a targeted release of its well-selected active ingredients (A.I.).

AVIMATRIX is manufactured with a state of the art production process, the Novus Premium Blend Technology (NPB) which allows the active anti-bacterial ingredients to be progressively delivered up to the distal part of the intestinal tract.

A number of scientific studies following strict EFSA guidelines and various commercial trials have proven the benefits of AVIMATRIX on poultry performance. Birds fed AVIMATRIX show increased production efficiency, resulting in improved profitability, particularly in challenged poultry operations, as seen in

  • Enhanced  growth
  • Better feed conversion
  • Improved animal welfare

The exclusive NPB formulation of AVIMATRIX also guarantees:

  • Secure handling as it is dustless, free flowing and non-corrosive
  • Homogeneously mixing in the feed for optimal intake by the bird
  • Stability during feed manufacturing processes

Novus Targeted Blend Novus Unique Blend



    Learn more on how AVIMATRIX                 Find out more on AVIMATRIX’s 
can help you controlling the balance         unique manufacturing process
of the intestinal microbiota          


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