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Carotenoids – pigments found in plants – provide several health benefits including increased antioxidant effect, improved immune and reproductive function and cardiovascular protection when included in animal diets. Additionally, carotenoids positively impact consumer perception by enhancing the color of certain foods.

Capsanthin is a carotene that is found organically in paprika and red pepper. All animals need carotenoids, but since they cannot produce these naturally-occurring nutrients, they must obtain them through their diet. The challenge lies in providing livestock with a consistent and optimal level. Novus carotenoid solutions ensure animals receive the right amount for maximum health and production benefits.

Based on natural capsanthin, extracted from paprika fruits (Capsicum annuum), XAROCOL® is a red carotenoid feed premixture that delivers consistent and uniform color for egg yolks and broiler skin. When used in combination with yellow carotenoids, XAROCOL delivers the desired level of red coloring as well as efficient absorption, optimal dispersability and stability in final feed.

Product features:

  • Homogeneous particle size providing top bioavailability
  • Free-flowing characteristics
  • Easy handling and application
  • Produced in line with the Novus Quality Management System
  • 98 percent saponifcation level guaranteed
  • Safe long-term storage
XAROCOL® 5 B logo

XAROCOL® 5 B is a red pigment feed premixture based on natural carotenoids (mainly capsanthin) extracted from paprika ( Capsicum annuum) and contains a minimum 5 g/ kg of carotenoids to enhance the color of the egg yolk and broiler skin.

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