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Novus Launches SERTIFY™ In-Vitro Testing Kit for CIBENZA® DP100

Novus Launches SERTIFY™ In-Vitro Testing Kit for CIBENZA® DP100
Qualitative test to ensure desired protease enzyme activity in feeds

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (June 24, 2015)—Novus International, Inc., a global leader in animal nutrition, announced today the launch of the SERTIFY™ in-vitro testing kit for CIBENZA® DP100. CIBENZA DP100 is an intrinsically heat stable, potent protease enzyme feed additive that optimizes the digestibility of proteins in animal feed ingredients.

CIBENZA DP100 is engineered to withstand commercial pelleting conditions. Feed enzymes require specific assay testing methods. This testing kit is calibrated to specifically work with CIBENZA DP100. The kit is designed for the rapid, qualitative detection of protease enzyme activity of CIBENZA DP100 at the dose of 500 grams/ton of mash or pelleted feed.

“Novus developed SERTIFY because there was a need for a cost-effective technology that allows feed producers to accurately evaluate the protease enzyme activity of CIBENZA DP100 in feed. The positive assessment of enzyme activity eliminates the need to over-formulate for either peace of mind, or insurance purposes,” says Dr. Drew Lichtenstein, Manager of Enzymes and Specialty Product Development at Novus.

SERTIFY in-vitro testing kits for CIBENZA DP100 are compact and user-friendly. With the convenience of this new kit, livestock and poultry producers can more effectively use CIBENZA DP100 to expand their protein options to enhance feed-cost savings and maximize performance.

For more information on CIBENZA DP100, SERTIFY and other customer-focused nutrition-based solutions offered by Novus, visit the company’s website at www.novusint.com.


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