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Research Shows Copper Supplementation is the Key for Piglet Performance


Research Shows Copper Supplementation is the Key for Piglet Performance
New research study shows the benefits of adding copper to nursery pig rations

ST. LOUIS, MO (Feb. 10, 2015)—Supplementing nursery pigs with MINTREX® Cu chelated trace minerals significantly improved daily gain by an additional 3 percent and feed efficiency by 2.6 percent when compared to other forms of trace minerals, according to a recent meta-analysis of available study results.

These findings are supported in the paper, “Multi-trial analysis of the effects of copper level and source on performance in nursery pigs," published in the Journal of Animal Science (JAS), the world’s leading agriculture and animal sciences journal. The paper was co-authored by Yulin Ma, Karen Wedekind, Jeffery Escobar, Junmei Zhao, Mercedes Vazquez-Anon and Geoff I. Zanton of Novus International, Inc.

The results showed that weaned pigs fed MINTREX Cu had improved gut health resulting in a reduction in diarrhea incidence by 23 percent, as compared to other trace mineral forms. And, growing-finishing pigs fed the supplement experienced an improved immune response and improved nutrients digestibility in a common corn-soybean diet.

“It’s important to meet a pig’s nutritional needs during critical growing periods to improve feed intake and feed efficiency, and promote growth,” said Yulin Ma, PhD, swine nutrition technical manager at Novus International, Inc. “Although copper is needed in only small amounts, this research presents compelling evidence that the trace mineral contributes to optimal pig performance, and that the unique properties of MINTREX Cu make it the best choice for producers.”

MINTREX Cu from Novus International, Inc., is a highly bioavailable source of copper and the only mineral chelated with HMTBa, the active ingredient in ALIMET® feed supplement. Research has proven that MINTREX® delivers more bioavailable trace mineral to the small intestine than other leading organic trace minerals. The more bioavailable a mineral is, the lower the dietary concentration needed and the less mineral excreted to the environment. Increased bioavailability reduces feed costs and minimizes nutrient waste.

Copper is an essential component of a functional immune system and contributes to performance in a variety of ways including iron utilization, nutrient absorption and digestion, and general metabolic function. Copper also has similar antibacterial and growth promoting effects as antibiotics.

This year, Novus is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of its MINTREX chelates, which reflects its leadership position in the trace minerals market. The MINTREX molecule truly embodies the company’s commitment to delivering and supporting innovative products, through science, that support animal health and performance.

 To learn more about MINTREX as well as Novus’s other minerals solutions, visit www.novusint.com.



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