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Novus uses Virtual Reality to Show how it is Pushing Boundaries

Novus International, Inc. continued to push boundaries during VIV Asia 2019 this month by sharing in a unique way the latest research and solutions aimed at improving the health and performances of animals under recent industry challenges.

With solutions, services and sustainability at the core of its operation, the company’s participation at VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand from 13-15 March allowed Novus representatives to connect with industry professionals and demonstrate how nutritional solutions from Novus can provide for a more sustainable production.

Also, in an effort to support environmental sustainability, at its booth Novus showcased information through various digital platforms. Booth visitors were introduced to Novus solutions using an augmented reality platform wherein they interacted with key product details in 3D. To further enhance the customer learning journey, visitors were immersed in a virtual reality farm where they explored antibiotic-free production solutions that highlighted both performance and health. With this digital experience, Novus avoided printing any paper products for the event, thus contributing to its sustainability initiative.

Recognizing the drive for antibiotic-free production in the region, Novus highlighted ACTIVATE® WD Max nutritional feed acid and MINTREX® Cu trace minerals to address issues on health and performance. ACTIVATE® WD Max is a unique water acidifier with a highly concentrated blend of organic acids and a liquid source of methionine that has shown to promote an optimal gut environment, while MINTREX® Cu is a highly bioavailable form of supplemental trace mineral copper that has shown to improve animal growth performance through better feed conversation and weight gain.

Dr. Dexter Abrigo, marketing director for Novus South East Asia Pacific region, said, “VIV is a great event that allowed Novus to share its solutions with visitors. We focused mainly on two products that can help our partners face current challenges in their production, such as the AGP (antimicrobial growth promoter) ban happening in several countries. We also wanted to share our experience of using ACTIVATE® DA nutritional feed acid in China, which was quite effective in mitigating effects of African Swine Fever, a disease that every pig producing country is concerned about. Aside from providing our exclusive Knowledge Forums that deliver valuable information to our customers, after ViV Novus will be actively participating in the different key industry events in the region as we continue to push boundaries and do more with nutrition.”