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Novus Shares Insights at China Feed Industry Exhibition

GUANGXI, CHINA (April 28, 2019) – During the China Feed Industry Exhibition in Nanning, Guangxi, Novus International presented a series of events, exhibitions and seminars that highlighted the animal nutrition company’s nearly 30 years of innovation and commitment to sustainable protein production.

During the event, Novus International concentrated its conversations on five core platforms and four major species solutions. The company’s innovative product solutions, coupled with a unique booth, attracted nearly 3,000 customers to speak with Novus representatives during the exhibition. Dr. Li Peng, technical manager for Novus Northeast Asia, presented on the topic of feed biosecurity and solutions. The subject matter was of high interest to the nearly 120 attendees, particularly given the ongoing concerns surrounding African Swine Fever in China and globally.

“We were pleased to be at the China Feed Industry Show to demonstrate to our customers how Novus can help optimize animal performance, and minimize feed costs and improve efficiency,” said Dr. Defa Sun, world area director of Novus International Northeast Asia operations. “Thirty years ago, Novus International was focused on the production and sale of ALIMET® feed supplement. Today, our poultry, livestock, ruminant and aquaculture products help to improve animal immunity and structural health. Our products support eggshell quality, improve production performance, protect animal feed. At the same time, we are actively working to help reduce environmental pollution and support antibiotic-free production. Our innovative products and solutions have enabled Novus International to maintain its leading position in the industry.”

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