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Good Health Begins in the Gut

We optimize your animal’s gut health, so you can elevate their performance.

Balance™ Program

Balanced microbiota, immune function, gut barrier, oxidative status, and nutrients absorption are key levers that we thrive for with the Balance™ Program. Optimizing your animals’ gut health plays a vital role in their overall health, well-being, and performance.

Whether you have antibiotic free production or your focus is simply to improve intestinal health, the Balance™ Program will identify the best strategy to elevate the performance of your poultry.


Gut Health and Better Profitability

The Balance™ Program is designed to help conquer your gut health challenges. It is how you optimize digestion, balance microflora, reduce inflammation, and enhance gut integrity.

Optimize Digestion

Minimize indigestible protein and reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Enhance Gut Integrity

Provide strong epithelial barrier and improve intestinal function.

Balance Microflora

Promote beneficial bacteria.

Manage Inflammation

Maintain immune system health from inflammation and vaccine response.

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Partner with Us

Building a healthier world requires both your animals and your business to be sustainable and strong. We pledge to be your true partner from the moment you connect with us.

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