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Gain Profit in Every Hatch

We deliver the trace minerals your hens need for profitable performance.

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Breeder Performance™  Program

Building your high-performing broiler parent stock has always required a strong focus on well-balanced nutrients. Now, advancements in the field of trace mineral nutrition have given nutritionists the ability to better adapt breeder feed to the right requirements for your birds.

The Breeder Performance™ Program helps you promote structural integrity and productivity of broiler breeders, improve egg and eggshell quality, and deliver good quality progeny to help improve your overall profitability.


Unlock the True Potential of Your Birds

We will work by your side to create an affordable, flexible, and targeted solution specifically designed for broiler breeder producers.

This program is built on the proven performance of trace minerals. While they constitute a small portion of the overall diet, trace minerals play crucial roles in better avian development, including:

Zinc Trace Minerals

Zinc is found in every tissue of the body and accumulates in the bones. The onset of zinc deficiency will be greatly influenced by prior nutrition and zinc reserves.

Copper Trace Minerals

Copper is a key component of many biological systems, including energy use, the proper production of collagen required for the development of connective tissue and bone strength.

Manganese Trace Minerals

Manganese is important in the development of cartilage. Manganese deficiency can result in shortened and deformed skeleton structure. It also supports hatchability by facilitating bone and cartilage formation of embryos.

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