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Since 1991, Novus International, Inc. has made sustainability an everyday focus. From our corporate employees to our researchers and our products to our shipping lines, we at Novus strive to positively impact the lives of the customers we serve, the communities where we live and work, and the environment where we all dwell. Our mission statement says it best: “To make a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing global need for nutrition and health."

Customer Productivity & Profitability

Novus's products are designed to deliver an economic advantage to feed and animal producers worldwide

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Engaged & Empowered Employees

Novus invests in the continual development and engagement of its employees in order for the company to deliver on its vision and mission.

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Sustainable Animal Agriculture

The long-term viability of the industry requires partnership and understanding of stakeholder needs.

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Human Health & Nutrition

Though Novus's primary focus is animal health and nutrition, the health and well-being of humans, our consumers, is equally important.

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Supply Chain Efficiency

As a responsible member of the food supply chain, Novus aims to reduce its own impact on the environment in its daily operations.

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Reporting and Improvement

Novus International utilizes the Global Reporting Initiative’s Standards in its sustainability reporting. As a privately-owned company, Novus is not required to complete a sustainability report, full GRI Index or track its sustainable business projects. However, as a matter of respect and transparency to its stakeholders, Novus allocates significant resources annually to these projects and their reporting. The company welcomes feedback from stakeholders on these reports at all times.

Annual Reports