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Trace Minerals for Gilt Structural Development, Sow Performance

The great hope of swine producers is that today’s sows do more. More healthier piglets, more parities, more years in production. To achieve these goals, pig producers themselves must do more to support the liveability, health, and performance of hyperprolific sows. But how? One suggestion is to pay close attention to their nutrition during the gilt stage. Swine Technical Services Manager Dr. Robert Barea explains in this article in Pig Progress magazine (page 30-31) that producers who want high-performing sows have to start optimizing nutrition and prioritizing their health well before the first litter is born. The fact is, high-performing sows need strong bones and tissue to support them before, during, and after a litter. Research shows a focus on structural health during the gilt stage can make a difference. Learn more now.

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