Hugo Romero-Sanchez, Ph.D.

Executive Manager, Global Poultry Technology Lead

Dr. Hugo Romero has a comprehensive understanding of the physiological, nutritional, environmental, and economic variables that affect broiler and layer performance. At NOVUS, he works with the Research and Development team to discover and innovate practical nutrition solutions that address customer challenges and support animal performance and industry sustainability.

Prior to joining NOVUS, he served as technical manager at Hybro BV and Cobb of Brazil, and as technical manager and nutrition specialist at Trouw Nutrition. Dr. Romero received his bachelor’s degree in zootechnics from La Salle University (Colombia) before completing his master’s degree in animal health and animal production at the National University of Colombia. His doctorate is from North Carolina State University (U.S.). He worked in academia in Colombia for 10 years before joining the Poultry Science Prestage Department at North Carolina State University as an adjunct professor. Originally from Columbia, he is fluent in Spanish and English

Areas of Expertise

  • Male Broiler Physiology
  • Poultry Nutrition esp. Trace Minerals
  • Feed Formulation
  • Marketing and Business Development