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Strong Production Starts with Stronger Eggshells

Achieve a greater quantity of higher quality eggs with our trace mineral program.

EggShellence™ Program

As genetic selection has increased productivity, eggshell problems have increased, especially for hens 50 weeks old and over. But with the right nutritional supplements in your feed, your hens will have what they need to lay stronger eggs, and boost your bottom line.

From optimizing eggshell strength and reducing incidents of cracks and breaks, to boosting overall hen productivity, the EggShellence™ Program is designed to provide more sellable eggs to producers, and a high-quality and wholesome product to consumers.


Feed Your Birds the Trace Minerals They Need

We will work with you to create an affordable, flexible, and targeted solution specifically designed for your production.

Trace elements play an essential role in a wide variety of physiological processes. There are key contributors to the success producers can achieve with the EggShellence™ Program:

Zinc Trace Minerals

Zinc supports enzyme function for eggshell deposition, increasingly important late in lay.

Copper Trace Minerals

Copper builds a strong foundation for eggshell quality by supporting shell membrane formation and crosslinks of microstructure.

Manganese Trace Minerals

Manganese protects against eggshell thinning and supports hatchability by facilitating bone and cartilage formation.

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