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How Do Poultry Providers Do More With Less?

Let us help you increase animal performance and produce more high-quality meat.

Produce Meat Efficiently

As a poultry producer, you’re under increased pressure to meet rising consumer demand for clean, high quality protein. You’re being asked to do more with less. More quality. More quantity. Without damaging the sustainability of your business.



Partnering for Performance

The Scale Up™ Program is designed to improve meat production and carcass quality through sustainably driven intelligent nutrition. Through the novel combination of experience, insightful perspectives and smarter solutions, our poultry team can help you do more.

Improve Performance

Broilers fed the highly bioavailable MINTREX® Cu Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral are shown to

  • Have better survivability by up to 1.7%
  • Perform better under intestinal challenge


Better Meat and Carcass Quality

MINTREX® Zn Bis-Chelated Trace Mineral is shown in commercial and research trials to support:

  • Reduction in wooden breast and white striping
  • Foot pad health
  • Stronger bones and skeletal development

Support Sustainability and Animal Welfare

Because MINTREX® Trace Minerals are protected by methionine source HMTBa from antagonism in the gut, more minerals can move to the site of absorption and be used by the bird. This means less mineral is excreted and less overall mineral can be formulated in the ration.

The NOVUS REDUCE AND REPLACE™ strategy of reducing total mineral inclusion and replacing inorganic mineral sources with organic MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals are shown to reduce the excretion of zinc (up to 37%), copper (up to 41%) and manganese (up to 35%) while still seeing the same or improved performance. That’s good for the environment, the bird, and your wallet.

Get the Support of Experts Around the World

The Scale Up™ Program offers technical support, feed analysis (not available in all areas), and access to NOVUS’ Xpert Link™ Network.

Our Xpert Link™ Network is made up of industry professionals outside of NOVUS who have extensive experience in nutrition, management, health, and feed manufacturing. These external partners can provide unique suggestions, recommendations, and insights to help you reach your goals.

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Partner with Us

Building a healthier world requires both your animals and your business to be sustainable and strong. We pledge to be your true partner from the moment you connect with us.

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