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Are Your Swine Reaching Their Full Potential?

Optimizing the lifetime productivity of your sows can increase your gains.

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Scale Up™ Program

To optimize and maintain the health of your herd, you need an effective combination of good management practices, quality feeding programs, and effective feed solutions. Putting it all together can give you a huge advantage in production and profitability.

The Scale Up™ Program is designed to provide a comprehensive view of your production systems, and identify opportunities to optimize efficiency and profitability. Using this insight, we deliver science-based nutrition solutions to optimize production at every life stage, maximizing the genetic potential of each pig.


Superior Performance At Every Stage of Life

The Scale Up™ Program helps you make more out of your pigs.

Whether you’re focused on elevating animal performance or increasing the amount of high-quality protein you produce, the Scale Up™ Program is designed to support you in sustainably achieving your specific business goals.

The Scale Up™ Program helps you improve reproductive performance, support structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system, sow longevity, and offspring uniformity and health.

Focusing on these aspects of your pigs can ultimately lead to more kilograms of meat/pounds of pork produced per sow lifetime.


  • Balance gut microbiota & support fecal consistency
  • Optimize performance
  • Better immune response


  • Improve profitability
  • Enhance performance
  • Focus on sustainability


  • Improve productivity
  • Promote sow structural integrity
  • Improve offspring quality

Connect and Collaborate with Industry Experts

The Scale Up™ Program is backed by the XpertLink™ Network, an extensive network of leading industry experts, covering topics from nutrition, management, health, feed manufacturing, and meat quality.

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Building a healthier world requires both your animals and your business to be sustainable and strong. We pledge to be your true partner from the moment you connect with us.

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