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PROVENIA® Feed Solution

PROVENIA® Feed Solution is a unique, proprietary solution that supports bird health and performance by balancing gut bacteria.

Get Support for Good Gut Health

Learn how PROVENIA® Feed Solution can bolster gut health.

Organic Acids Supporting Gut Health

A healthy gut is key to antibiotic-free or antibiotic-reduced production, supporting growth, performance, and the financial success of the farm.

PROVENIA® Feed Solution allows the targeted release of organic acids to stimulate good bacteria in the gut.


PROVENIA® Feed Solution Supports Broilers

The antibacterial effect of organic acids found in PROVENIA® Feed Solution is shown to lower the pH in the gut. In addition, research has shown PROVENIA® Feed Solutions reduce the growth rate of many “pH-sensitive” microbes whereas so-called acid-tolerant bacteria are less affected. Along with improving gut health, broilers fed PROVENIA® Feed Solution saw:

  • Reduced incidence and severity of footpad dermatitis
  • Improvements in average daily gain and feed conversion ratio
  • Higher live weight at 42 days

PROVENIA® Feed Solution

Changing regulations. Shifting perceptions. New goals and objectives. For poultry businesses to succeed, producers need the right health and nutrition solutions. How do they get them? Through intelligent nutrition.


Products are not available in all countries. Please contact your NOVUS sales representative regarding product availability in your location.

Product Availability

PROVENIA® Feed Solution

PROVENIA® Feed Solution supports performance by balancing gut bacteria.

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