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CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additives

CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additives are protease enzymes that help break down less digestible proteins and enhance intestinal health by supporting gut flora diversity, immune function, and intestinal integrity.

Unlock Nutrition in Feedstuffs

Learn how CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additives can get the most from raw feed materials

Enzymes Deliver Feed Cost Savings

Feed is the top cost on any farm. Capturing nutrients from every feed ingredient is vital for ensuring income over feed cost, as well as reducing environmental impact. Enzymes support these goals by optimizing the digestive efficiency of animals.

By unlocking the nutrients in feedstuffs to produce more dietary energy, improve protein digestibility, and increase the availability of nutrients, such as starch, amino acids, and fat, CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additives allow producers to use more cost-effective ingredients without affecting performance. Improved digestion means less overall protein can be fed so producers can also use less of higher-quality raw feed.

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CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additives for Piglets

Protein is fed at the highest levels early in the pig’s life when its gastrointestinal (GI) tract is not fully developed. This can be problematic for piglets resulting in poor growth performance. CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additives support piglet health by:

  • Improving microbial balance resulting in a normal gastrointestinal function
  • Improving dry matter digestibility/feed intake
  • Improving amino acid availability
  • Preserving gut integrity

Capturing the most nutrients from feedstuffs also allows producers to reduce overall feed costs.

CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additive

Changing regulations. Shifting perceptions. New goals and objectives. For swine businesses to succeed, producers need the right health and nutrition solutions. How do they get them? Through intelligent nutrition.


Products are not available in all countries. Please contact your NOVUS sales representative regarding product availability in your location.

Product Availability

CIBENZA® DP100 Enzyme Feed Additive

CIBENZA® DP100 Enzyme Feed Additive is a heat stable, potent protease enzyme feed additive that optimizes the digestibility of proteins in swine feed ingredients. This aids in the reduction of feed cost, improved production performance, and better ingredient risk management.

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CIBENZA® EP150 Enzyme Feed Additive

CIBENZA® EP150 Enzyme Feed Additive usage can reduce ration costs by lowering the level of costly protein sources in the feed or optimizing the use of lower digestible, cheaper alternative sources, without sacrificing animal performance.

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