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Open Innovation

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Meeting Challenges To Feed The World

New regulations. A growing population. Less arable land around the globe. Rising consumer demand for healthier products. The protein producer industry hasn’t faced such a confluence of challenges in the modern era.

Luckily, you are ready to rise to the challenge. And NOVUS is always finding new ways to support you.

Our Open Innovation program works with leaders in the field and in the lab to develop pioneering programs and products in animal health. It’s hands-on. It’s future-oriented. And it helps you continue to grow in any conditions.

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Open Innovation

How We’re Made of More

Our Open Innovation platform helps address urgent customer challenges. We take a unique approach to R&D that helps us gain earlier access to new and emerging technologies, perform more testing on more species at more life stages, and collaborate with customers to develop new solutions.

Gain earlier access to new and emerging technologies thanks to our Open Innovation platform, which turns the world into our research lab, allowing us to harness global innovation to develop cutting-edge solutions.

More collaborations with customers and leaders in every field

More partnerships with leading research institutions

More ways to change how we feed animals

More than 10% of NOVUS employees worldwide are scientists or are involved with R&D

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Interius™ Technology Driven by Innovation

INTERIUS™ technology is a completely new way to produce and deliver feed additives into the diets of protein animals. It is the first grain-based feed additive platform commercially available to animal nutritionists and feed formulators.

Through INTERIUS™ technology, feed additives are more easily added to the ration because the active additives are part of each grain. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to introduce beneficial feed additives such as enzymes into animal diets by simply replacing a small amount of raw feed material with INTERIUS™ feed.

INTERIUS™ technology is one of the ways we are innovating for your future.

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Let’s work together to help your animals reach their full potential and create a more sustainable future for our planet and for your business.

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