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MHA® Feed Additive

MHA® Feed Additive is a dry, granular source of methionine. Created with HMTBa, a precursor to L-methionine, this organic acid offers 84% methionine activity that is 100% available to the pig.

Methionine for Optimized Performance

Ask how MHA® Feed Additive supports performance during times of stress.

All Methionine Sources Are Not Created Equal

Methionine is the second limiting amino acid in swine diets and is an essential tool used to help animals meet growth goals.

MHA® Feed Additive has all the benefits of liquid ALIMET® Feed Additive, but in dry form making it ideal for premixes and feed mills. It is nitrogen-free and a source of organic calcium, supporting animal health as well as feed conversion and growth performance.

MHA® Feed Additive for Piglets

The next generation of pigs need support from the start. MHA® Feed Additive in the nursery helps piglets by providing:

  • Support gut health post-wean
  • Organic calcium for bone and tissue development
  • Improved feed conversion ratio
  • Growth support during heat stress

MHA® Feed Additive

Changing regulations. Shifting perceptions. New goals and objectives. For swine businesses to succeed, producers need the right health and nutrition solutions. How do they get them? Through intelligent nutrition.


Products are not available in all countries. Please contact your NOVUS sales representative regarding product availability in your location.

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